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Health of Seniors

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Would you like to be fit and healthy in your senior age? Are you wondering how to improve the health and psyche of the most precious members of your family? Use the immense support of Green Food to achieve these goals!

The inclusion of Barley and Chlorella in the daily menu is a great help in the prevention and support of the treatment of already existing diseases. Digestion is improved, the composition of the intestinal microbiome is changed, and thanks to this, immunity and general well-being are also improved. Seniors consuming Green Food usually experience a burst of energy, improved sleep, and experience relief from various chronic health conditions. There is a marked improvement in the quality of life, also in the case of palliative care.

Green Food is the basis for well-being!

Green Food improves the test results of medical examinations. And it is nothing exceptional that consumers may, over time, limit the medications or give them up completely.

Barley and Chlorella are not drugs. However, they can develop the course of regenerative processes in the body so much that later it is often no longer necessary to resort to drugs or undergo some surgery. Consuming Green Food is the right support for virtually any type of classic and comprehensive treatment. Barley and Chlorella do not interfere with the action of classic drugs. However, a time gap must be kept between oral medications and Chlorella. With the right individual dosage set-up, you can and should eat Barley and Chlorella while you are being treated with warfarin.

Green food for seniors - what scientific research tells us:

- Barley and Chlorella help prevent diabetes. In the case of already-developed diabetes, they improve cellular responses to insulin, stabilize blood sugar levels or even lower it, and limit the occurrence of serious complications resulting from diabetes.

- Barley and Chlorella contain biologically active substances that protect the nerve cells from damage. According to research results, they have the potential to prevent, slow down negative changes, and improve health in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia.

- Oncological studies confirm the potential of Barley and Chlorella in preventing cancer. With cancer already present, they improve the prognosis and the overall quality of life of cancer patients.

- Barley and Chlorella are used in the prevention and treatment of civilization diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. They lower cholesterol, uric acid, and homocysteine, help lower high blood pressure and protect cells, along with their DNA, from damage.

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