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For over 16 months, I’ve been using this wonderful product called Lava Pure and I just can’t believe the power of its effects! It comes straight from mother nature as a volcanic mineral and, thanks to modern technology and refinement, it reacts with our organism and truly works wonders!

The method used restores a natural product’s original vibrations is also a reason why Lava Pure stands out from its competitors in the market.


Lava Pure

Read all about getting your volcanic power and activating your cells with

mineral zeolite clinoptilolite.


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Due to the constantly increasing environmental pollution, more and more pollutants accumulate in the human organism. LAVA PURE already binds these pollutants in the gastrointestinal tract before they can damage the body. This preventive effect has been impressively confirmed by studies.


At the same time, LAVA PURE releases valuable minerals and trace elements to the organism.

binds a multitude of harmful substances and eliminates them

regenerates and protects the intestinal wall barrier

relieves the detoxification organs liver and kidney

donates over 30 different minerals and trace elements

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About the zeolite-clinoptilolite volcanic rock


  • Uniquely suited for binding a large number of the pollutants that are widespread today

  • Heavy metals such as lead or cadmium from contaminated soils or from the air

  • Mercury, for example from amalgam fillings

  • Radioactive substances which accumulate in sea fish, among other things

  • Ammonium which is produced in the digestive system by an excess of meat consumption

  • Pesticides such as glyphosate from conventional agriculture and many other pollutants

Nowadays, detoxification forms a natural part of a healthy life. Your daily requirements increase and you want to maintain an active lifestyle. Then it is particularly important to minimise internal stresses. The polluted environment permanently brings harmful substances into our organism, which have a decisive influence on our vitality in the form of storage toxins.

Find the most important information about

LAVA PURE in a downloadable PDF document:

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You love your life. You love your health. You love your style. You start the day actively with a morning run through the park. You feel fit and healthy. You cope with all your challenges at work. You enjoy your free time to the full.



LavaVitae supports you in the process with 100% natural raw materials and the power of the Alps.


We refine the very best of nature into high-quality products, so that you enjoy your life,

every day.


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