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Increase Your Sports Performance with Lava Pure

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the potential health benefits associated with volcanic minerals, especially as they pertain to improving sports performance. Volcanic lava - LAVA PURE, rich in various minerals, has been the focus of attention for its purported positive influence on human health and athletic prowess. This article explores the potential connection between volcanic minerals and enhanced sports performance. Volcanic lava is a complex mixture of minerals that emerge from the Earth's interior during volcanic eruptions. These minerals include magnesium, potassium, calcium, and trace elements like iron and zinc. Proponents of volcanic mineral supplementation argue that these elements are crucial for various physiological functions, including muscle contraction, nerve function, and energy production.

Increased endurance - due to its antioxidant properties, LAVA PURE provides a lower pulse/heart rate, which leads to a better oxygen supply and significantly reduces the amount of oxygen free radicals in the blood. Volcanic minerals have been linked to improved blood circulation and oxygenation, contributing to better endurance and overall athletic performance. Silica, in particular, has been shown to support cardiovascular health, ensuring that muscles receive an adequate supply of oxygen during physical activity.

The lactic acid (lactate) load is also reduced by up to 30% in a fortnight. This results in a significant increase in performance. The body recovers faster. The athlete can increase the training load, return to training or return to training faster after a competition.

In addition, LAVA PURE strengthens the immune defence by binding and eliminating harmful substances. By eliminating harmful substances, LAVA PURE strengthens the immune defence and provides the body with important minerals and trace elements.

Muscle Function and Recovery

Magnesium, one of the key minerals found in volcanic lava, plays a pivotal role in muscle function and recovery. It is essential for the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy currency of cells. Adequate magnesium levels may contribute to improved muscle endurance and reduced muscle cramping, providing athletes with a natural way to enhance their performance.

Calcium, found in volcanic minerals, is renowned for its role in promoting bone health. Strong and healthy bones are essential for athletes, as they form the structural foundation for the entire body. Additionally, calcium absorption is facilitated by vitamin D, and some volcanic regions may provide exposure to natural sunlight, a potent source of vitamin D.

Electrolyte Balance and Hydration

Potassium, another prevalent mineral in volcanic lava, is crucial for maintaining electrolyte balance and hydration. Athletes engaging in intense physical activities often lose electrolytes through sweat. Replenishing these electrolytes is vital for preventing dehydration and supporting optimal muscle function. The natural occurrence of potassium in volcanic minerals offers an intriguing avenue for athletes seeking alternative sources of electrolyte replenishment.

Volcanic stone - Lava Pure in increasing sport performance
Lava Pure in increasing sport performance


"More than a ten per cent increase in sports performance!" says sports doctor Dr Thomas Scheiring (sports- and general practioner in Telfs, Austria)

Numerous sports scientific studies have shown that taking LAVA PURE leads to a significant increase in performance, making the use of this medical product of particular interest to top athletes. Dr. Scheiring says this from his personal experience, and it is also confirmed by numerous experiences with the use of this Lava Pure by top athletes during training and competition.

High physical exertion means stress for the body - "oxidative stress." Free radicals and many metabolic breakdown products that attack the body and attack cells, must be eliminated. LAVA PURE shows impressive effects and performance improvements in athletes that otherwise can only be achieved through blood doping - but in this case, it is completely legal and without side effects - simply through the natural removal of harmful substances and harmful metabolic products. This natural relief effect can be used by anyone.

The regular intake of LAVA PURE in training and competition undoubtedly brings

an improvement in the metabolic situation. The lactate-reducing property, in particular, makes

this medical product so interesting during training or tournaments and it also ensures shorter regeneration phases. This releases further energy reserves and performance increases.

This is particularly important in endurance sports such as marathons, ultra-running, triathlons, etc., where the athlete needs more energy during long training sessions and competitions and

often go beyond their limits.

Extensive testing and research have many other advantages. LAVA PURE causes a reduction in stress levels and increased heart rate variability. This significantly increases the athletic performance. Training risks such as muscle fibre tears, fatigue fractures or colds are also prevented by increasing the amount of oxygen and reducing hyperacidity. The heart muscle is also better protected, as the heart rate remains significantly at a low level for a longer time.

However, excessive physical exertion often leads to an increased susceptibility to infections, which can interrupt training or even jeopardise participation in competitions. Consumption of LAVA PURE also strengthens immune defences, supplies the body with important minerals and trace elements and therefore has a doubly positive aspect for the athlete.

All athletes who have taken the natural mineral also appreciate the particularly good tolerability and natural origin of the product.

As LAVA PURE only acts biophysically in the digestive tract and is not involved in metabolism, there is no risk of it being a prohibited substance during competition.  

The impact of volcanic lava on human health, especially in the realm of sporting performance, is a fascinating area that is not yet as widespread but deserves special attention. As our knowledge of the complex interaction between geology and physiology expands, athletes may find new and natural ways to improve their performance and well-being.

LAVA PURE only acts biophysically in the digestive tract and is not involved in metabolism, there is no risk of it being a prohibited substance during competition.  
Lava Pure - volcanic wonder



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