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Chlorella and Barley Grass are perfect for children's health

Updated: May 11

Chlorella and Barley, also known as Green Food, contain many key nutrients that support healthy growth and development in children. They are a great help when children are ill (suffering from common or chronic diseases), they also balance well the various burdens in children in the form of dietary deficiencies, chemical toxins, stress, etc. Teaching children to eat high-quality Green Food from an early age, means developing a very useful habit for them, as well as the awareness that they can influence their own health. It will be very useful to them in life.

When can we start serving Green Food?

In healthy, breastfed children, we introduce Green Food gradually when they start trying various additional foods. If a breastfed baby has a health problem, sometimes we introduce Barley and Chlorella in addition to breast milk. Formula-fed babies work well with Barley and Chlorella before trying other foods. Barley, according to the parents' intuition and based on the child's reaction, can sometimes be started from the first month of life. Chlorella is usually after the age of 4 months, and sooner if you have a medical condition.

Green Food for children up to three years old.

Can Barley and Chlorella be given to children up to three years old? If Barley and Chlorella are pure and of high quality, then definitely yes. Our legislation does not know the concept of functional food, therefore Barley and Chlorella are included in the dietary supplements. A disadvantage of this category is the need to automatically administer the dosage regimen only for children over three years of age. In terms of content, purity, and quality, Green Ways products cannot be charged with anything, so there are no contraindications for giving them also to younger children. However, the decision is solely up to the parents, and it is advisable to consult your Advisor on how to proceed. As for adults, the method of administration, the rate of dose increase, and the target dose may vary depending on the situation in children. And of course, let's be careful when serving Green Food in tablet form.

Chlorella and Barley Grass are perfect for children's health
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How to adjust the dosage?

The dosage and method of administration are consulted with experienced Advisors. As with other foods, we should first check how well the baby tolerates the food. Barley can be served freshly mixed in liquid form or added to another drink, as well as in a snack, etc. Chlorella should be crushed before serving or added as a powder to food until the child can safely eat it in the form of tablets. Neither Barley nor Chlorella should be heat treated. Barley is refreshing and should not normally be served in the evening (i.e. a nursing mother should not eat it late). With babies, we start with small doses. With higher doses of Chlorella, we pay attention to the amount of protein in relation to the total daily intake and weight of the child.

Nessecery information about cleansing symptoms.

Also, small children may have unpleasant cleansing symptoms, and they do not have to like Green Food from the beginning. Set a good example for them, find a suitable administration, and persevere. As soon as the children start the cleansing process, the taste changes and they usually start to like Green Food afterward. There are children who prefer only one green product and reject the other all the time. Sometimes it's good to give them time and not force them to eat Green Food. The fact that they eat at least one of the green products is great. The latter usually add to themselves over time. Barley and Chlorella are also very good for constipation in young children. Just give them more water.

Chlorella and Barley Grass are perfect for children's health
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Text by MDDr. (lek. stom.) Iva Dvořáková – dentist and Green Ways consultant. She cooperates with doctors, medics, scientists, and specialists from all fields of science. Thanks to this, it provides readers, but also listeners during scientific conferences that it co-organizes, with information about Green Food.


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