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Magic components in CHLORELLA

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

  • Vitamins

Chlorella is packed with vitamins, but there are a few of the most important ones worth mentioning.

Chlorella is a valuable source of easily digestible iron and also vitamin C, as a strong antioxidant that prevents the harmful effects of free radicals and improves the condition of blood vessels.

It also consists of B12 vitamins and other vitamins from the B group thus increasing the body's resistance to stress. B vitamins also play a special role here, in addition to influencing numerous metabolic processes in the body, they also regulate the synthesis of hormones produced by the pituitary gland and regulate the secretion of other hormones in our body.

It is worth mentioning Chlorella is readily included in the diet by vegans, and this is due to its nutritional properties - it is a good source of amino acids, vitamin B12, and iron for people who have eliminated their main source from the diet, i.e. animal products. But it is not a product reserved exclusively for them - it can be recommended to everyone.

  • Chlorophyll

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is one of the richest sources of chlorophyll on the planet. It has an anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect and accelerates the healing of wounds and inflammation. One tablet of Chlorella pyrenoidosa contains millions of chlorella cells, which are involved in the healing of our body. Algae fibre binds toxic food waste (heavy metals, amalgam from seals, poisons, deposits on the walls of the intestines) and removes them from the body. Chlorella also provides us with a complete range of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and plant proteins). The useful properties of chlorella have been studied by the professional public since 1890. It contains the growth factor CGF, as well as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, and other substances necessary for good eyesight.

  • Sporopollein

This substance is contained in the central part of the cell wall of Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Chlorella fibre has quite a unique effect thanks to sporopollenin. The cell walls irreversibly bind together toxic substances, which are then excreted from the body naturally (through faucal discharge). Dr Liebke studied the cleansing abilities of chlorella in people suffering from intoxication caused by (amalgam) tooth fillings. He found positive results. Sporopolenin is a unique substance that makes chlorella a unique detoxification agent, suitable for modern people.

  • Chlorellin

Chlorella does not only act as a prebiotic but also has an antibacterial action. It contains a substance called chlorellin, which is a natural antibiotic. In garlic, allicin and ajoene substances are similar has like the effect of antibiotics. In contrast to the chemical chlorellin antibiotics, it has only been found to be pathogenic to organisms, not damaging the digestive microflora. For a long time, large doses of Chlorella pyrenoidosa have had a small antibiotic effect in diseases that can be achieved in infectious diseases.

  • CGF

A growth factor called CGF was isolated from chlorella by Dr Fujimaki from Japan. It is the most powerful ingredient in Chlorella. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has the highest concentration of CGF. It has a pronounced rejuvenating and strengthening effect. It has a strong "probiotic" effect, ie it increases the growth rate and quality of life of the intestinal (but also the vaginal ...) microflora. CGF (at acidified culture) accelerates the growth up to four times! Probiotics are more important than biotics themselves because they regulate the environment where the microflora lives. By using chlorella, we create conditions for the growth of beneficial bacterial cultures that protect us against civilization diseases.

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