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Zeolite "Lava Pure" in a Nutshell

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Important basic characteristics and performance of finely ground clinoptilolite and zeolite (5 to 1 ratio of silicon to aluminium).

Zeolite also known as Grey Gold

  • - binds harmful substances and pollutants in the gastrointestinal tract before they can damage the body

  • - relieves the detoxification organs liver and kidney

  • - protects and regenerates our intestinal wall

  • - releases over 30 different valuable minerals and many trace elements to the organism such as magnesium, calcium or potassium, which can then undergo ion exchange and thus be returned to the main matter

  • - regulates many processes in our body

  • - immunizes our body from the magnetic smog

  • - the volcanic mineral zeolite clinoptilolite mixture is rich in magnesium and calcium

What is zeolite?

Zeo comes from the word zein (Greek) = to cook lit comes from litho (gr.) = stone

In general literature, zeolites are also referred to as volcanic minerals. In mineralogy, zeolite is divided into different subgroups. Clinoptilolite is one of these subgroups. Terrestrial clinoptilolite, which was formed from volcanic ashes and tuffs deposited on land, is mainly used for medicinal purposes. Clinoptilolite can be formed in twelve different mineralogical ways (clinoptilolite on land, underwater, in lava flows, mountain clefts, etc.).

When it comes to nutritional values, zeolite Lava Pure does not contain calories. The purpose of this product is also not to provide energy to the body, but to remove harmful substances.

It is a source of important minerals, especially colloidal silica (SiO2) essential for life, and supports mineral homeostasis, especially in the initial stages of deficiencies. It performs many useful functions, like: - activates cell structures, has a rebuilding effect (e.g. in the case of damaged structures); - inhibits the wear of articular cartilage; - prevents brittle nails and hair loss; - inhibits the ageing process;

- increases the elasticity of the connective tissue; - has an angiostatic effect (regulates the length of blood vessels);

- inhibits arteriosclerosis, prevents calcification (deposition of stone) e.g. in the aorta; - prevents the formation of wrinkles; - fights acne and other skin diseases; - supports the fight against diabetes; - supports the healing process in diseases; - activates and enhances non-specific and specific immune reactions;

- supports coping with stress;

and many many more...

Zeolite Lava Pure is 100% pure and of natural origin. This means that there are no major excipients, fillers or preservatives in the product.

Hippocrates, Paracelsus and the great Hildegard von Bingen already used the volcanic mineral to remove harmful substances from the body. Over the last hundred years, we have polluted our earth in ways never seen before. This ever-increasing environmental poisoning is accumulating more and more in people's bodies and health experts now recommend lifelong detoxification as the only alternative. The extraordinary ability of zeolite to bind heavy metals, radioactive substances or pesticides such as glyphosate is becoming more and more important. It is the strongest natural absorbent of environmental pollution and is considered the oldest healing, rejuvenating and beautifying agent known to mankind.



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