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Volcanic Mineral in Support of Animal Health

Animals have always accompanied humans. They enrich people's lives considerably. Pets are valued family members and farm animals are part of millennia-old traditions. Their health and well-being are extremely important and also reflect positively on people. Animals do not have a voice like we do to communicate about their pain or unwellness. This is why the diagnosis might take much longer than in humans.

Animals of all species, just like humans, are suffering en masse from the pollution of our environment. Their immune system is strained, they are attacked by parasites, often the food they are fed is not rich in vitamins and minerals needed for healthy functioning and wounds are not healing fast enough. It is therefore necessary to support them with a good solution.

I truly recommend a volcanic mineral - Zeolite Cliptinolite which is good for us humans but also for our furry friends. The one I am using for myself, my family and my dog is called Lava Pure. This specific one has an admixture of dolomite, which further enriches the product with magnesium and calcium. It also goes through refinement, a special method that restores a natural product’s original vibrations.

It is very crucial to find the right zeolite product that has outstanding quality and resonates perfectly with the organism.

This volcanic mineral works wonders. It supports, amongst others:

  • the purification of the oral cavity and intestines,

  • reduces susceptibility to infection by parasites,

  • provide stronger teeth,

  • maintain beautiful and shiny fur coats/feathers,

  • increases immunity.

Volcanic mineral in support of animal health
Animals and Lava Pure

Natural volcanic mineral Lava Pure naturally regenerates the digestive tract by binding harmful substances like heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium and nickel) and ammonium in the digestive tract, providing minerals and supplying the body with vitalising electrons. The immunity increases and the body can better defend itself against unwelcomed attackers! If the intestines are in order, nutrients are better absorbed. As a result, elasticity achieves a more vital appearance through optimal cell regeneration. In particular, the beautifying mineral, silicon, when taken regularly, ensures the high-quality construction of connective tissue, i.e. bones, teeth, hair, plumage, muscles and skin. The difference is visible!

Vets confirm the extraordinary effect of this volcanic mineral. For small animals, it is sufficient to add one or two measuring spoons to the food every day, or more frequently in times of crisis. For large animals, we can provide bigger measures. Alternatively, Lava Pure can be mixed with clean water and given as a drink. I have noticed, however, that my dog prefers to take the lava with his food. But you can observe and adjust for yourself what works best for your pet.

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Volcanic mineral in support of animal health
Lava Pure


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