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Green Food in support of the fight against ticks

Updated: Apr 5

Spring is here and we are all enjoying the sunshine. However, together with spring, there are a few unfriendly creatures who are also waking up. Amongst them are ticks, which are not only human's enemies but also our beloved pets. Unfortunately, it could happen that our beloved pooch brings such a living thing back home with him and we, our family, and our dog are in danger.

Lyme disease is a dangerous disease. It is carried by ticks and sometimes other bloodsucking insects. Only some people have a characteristic red focus on the skin, which draws our attention to possible infection with a bacterium of the Borrelia genus. If the redness does not occur, the infection imperceptibly passes into the chronic phase, and Lyme disease manifests itself in the form of fatigue syndrome, joint pain, or neurological symptoms. Antibiotic treatment is most effective in the acute stage, but it does not work in all cases, and its effectiveness decreases even further in the chronic stage.

We will reduce the risk of infection the most when we manage to avoid meeting with ticks. In addition to the usual measures (it is better to go to the forest or park in long pants and bright clothes, and carry herbal or chemical repellants), proper nutrition is also important. Regular consumption of Chlorella and Young Barley Grass provides us with B vitamins, including vitamin B1, especially unpleasant for ticks and mosquitoes. Then you might have noticed that ticks and mosquitoes attack you much less often than before. This can also be noticed in domestic animals that are regularly fed with Chlorella.

However, if the blood-sucking insects like our blood and we were unlucky to develop Lyme disease, let's not despair. Green Food is proven to support also during treatment. It improves immunity and reduces the negative effects of antibiotics. Green Food helps to relieve symptoms of fatigue syndrome, and neurological and joint problems. Treatment of Lyme disease should be comprehensive that is why to make it more effective, it is worth combining many therapies like sauna, vitamin drips, bio-resonance, herbs, and healthy eating with consuming regularly Barley and Chlorella.

You can read more about the beneficial effects of Barley on Lyme disease in the work of MUDr. Lacina in the "Collection of Scientific Articles". If you would like to find out more about these two amazing products please do not hesitate to contact me at


MDDr. (lek. stomatologii) Iva Černá

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