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How to maintain optimal Health during Pregnancy

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

During pregnancy, a woman should take special care of her health. In particular, the diet must be varied and rich in vitamins and minerals so that the foetus is strong and healthy. This is where Green Foods such as Chlorella and Young Barley come in handy.

Green Food can be eaten without fear, both in the period before conception and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As part of the cleansing reaction, there is no possibility of the removal of harmful substances from the body of a pregnant or lactating woman. Green foods reduce the flow of harmful substances through the placenta or breast milk to the baby, which is otherwise difficult to influence. Sometimes a pregnant woman has problems with the fibre contained in Chlorella, especially when she is already in advanced pregnancy. However, this problem can also be easily overcome by increasing the dose slowly.

Barley and Chlorella are primarily very healthy foods. They contain a large number of substances that are crucial during pregnancy. It is worth mentioning the high content of folic acid, which is better to take in Green Food than in tablets. The high iron content helps to prevent anaemia, which often occurs during pregnancy and could be unhealthy for future mothers.

How to maintain optimal Health during Pregnancy

The wealth of well-absorbed vitamins and minerals benefits women and children. It is worth emphasizing the presence of a significant amount of vitamins: D, K2, and B12, which are often missing in food. Choline, which can be found in Barley and Chlorella, and fatty acids - omega 3 and omega 6, contained in the algae are very important for the development of the child's brain. Chlorella is not a significant source of iodine. We can provide it if needed by consuming other food items such as sea algae.

Consuming green foods while pregnant reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Barley and Chlorella come straight from nature and they are safe sources of substances necessary for the healthy development of a child.

During pregnancy, unfortunately, in a natural way, a large number of chemicals, previously accumulated in the mother's body, pass through the placenta into the body of the baby. In this way, the child receives a significant chemical load that negatively affects his physical and mental development, increasing the risk of developmental defects and serious diseases. Therefore, during pregnancy, detoxification treatments that could increase the penetration of chemicals are not recommended. However, this does not apply to Barley and Chlorella. Green Food significantly reduces the penetration of chemicals through the placenta into the baby's body. Chlorella efficiently removes accumulated chemicals from the mother's body along with the stool, thus reducing the burden on both mother and baby. Barley helps to break down dangerous chemicals in the liver. Eating Green Foods before conception is one of the best solutions to cleanse the woman's body. If a woman has not eaten Green Food before, it is safe to start eating Barley and Chlorella at any time during pregnancy. The reduction of the penetration of chemicals through the placenta and mother's milk thanks to the consumption of Chlorella has been confirmed, inter alia, in clinical trials involving 151 women.

Chlorella supplementation significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy-associated anaemia, proteinuria and oedema. Chlorella supplement may be useful as a resource of natural folate, vitamin B-12 and iron for pregnant women.

The nursing mothers' experience has shown that babies who have drunk barely have less constipation and colic! They are also calmer and smile much more. On top of that let's remember that there is natural bioenergy hidden in barley juice that we all need, especially in times of the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, I can also recommend Lava Intense, the super blend of vitamins, minerals and concentration of folic acid that is specially adapted to requirements during pregnancy. This elixir contains vitamins in high concentrations and a large amount of special secondary plant substances and antioxidants. A dietary supplement in the form of juice also has the advantage that the vital substances are absorbed into the blood and cells much more quickly than with the consumption of dried ingredients. Therefore it is ideal for the health of mothers-to-be.

Nutrient elixir - Lava Intense - is a complete dietary supplement for adults and children, in addition, the concentration of folic acid is specifically adapted to the needs of pregnant women.
Vita Intense

This product is available in two forms bottle and sachets.

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