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Vita Energy - strength for your daily activities

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

I came across Vita Energy a few months ago and I am continuously amazed by its properties.

It consists of natural ingredients. This provides a broad spectrum of active plant substances, such as antioxidants and vitamins, which have a cell-protecting and regenerative effect. The vitamin C from the acerola cherry also improves the absorption of the other active plant substances and thus has a high functional value in this formula. Thus Vita Energy achieves excellent bioavailability and so deploys its health-promoting effect.

Vita Energy supports fat loss and balances ravenous hunger pangs. This results in a favourable influence on your metabolism and a great shape. Vita Energy by Lava Vitae is sugar-free and mobilises the body's own stores of sugar and fat. This has a compensatory effect on hunger attacks between meals, which are usually the result of a sudden change in blood sugar levels.

Increased performance in everyday life and sports

The ingredients in Vita Energy are ideal for effectively raising your natural energy level. Coffee increases muscular performance and significantly increases endurance performance. It also reduces pain under stress. It is supported by green tea and cocoa, which mobilise the burning of body fat and the provision of energy. At the same time, green tea reduces the inflammatory reactions caused by sports and leads to faster regeneration after physical activity.

The energy can last for 6 hours...

Vita Energy by LavaVitae is composed in such a way that a cascade of active ingredients is created that generates an energy plateau of about six hours. The caffeine from green coffee provides a quick kick, followed by guarana. The caffeine structure is more complex in green tea and raw cocoa and is therefore released more slowly and gradually, which leads to the desired plateau effect in the energy supply. The Chinese caterpillar mushroom is a Qi tonic and helps to regenerate forces. It ensures a rounded balance. The vitamin C of the acerola cherry supports the absorption of all these active substances.

The magic ingredients in Vita Energy

Green coffee: The word coffee is derived from the Turkish Kahve, which means "stimulating drink". During the roasting process, up to two-thirds of the valuable caffeic acids (organic components) are broken down - for this reason, only green coffee is used in Vita Energy.

The evergreen guarana plant has been very popular in Europe for many years due to its invigorating effect and, due to its tannins, releases caffeine more slowly than coffee.

Green tea has a cultural history spanning several thousand years. In contrast to black tea, green tea retains its natural leaf colouring, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

Raw cocoa: The cocoa bean grows in pods of up to 15 m high cocoa trees and is traditionally regarded in Mexico as the "food of the gods". Among its more than 300 known ingredients are the precursors to serotonin and dopamine, which have a mood-lifting effect as neurotransmitters.

The Chinese caterpillar mushroom: Cordyceps sinensis is a speciality of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and recharges your batteries due to its regenerative effect.

Components of Good Mood in Vita Energy

Caffeine from green coffee, guarana, green tea and raw cocoa has a psychologically uplifting and activating effect. Cocoa also provides the amino acid tryptophan, from which the happiness hormone serotonin is formed, which triggers a feeling of well-being. Since our body cannot produce tryptophan itself, it must be supplied with food. Besides soya beans and poultry, tryptophan is mainly found in cocoa, which is also a central component of the "comforter", chocolate. Vita Energy allows the consumption of these mood-lifting substances without the unfavourable side effects of sweet milk chocolate.

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