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The valuable advantages of Zeolite Clinoptilolite. Part I

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Zeolite has a very important effect on our health. This physically acting factor as the basic component of therapy has a non-specific healing power with antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Despite their miraculous properties, zeolite is not a remedy for all diseases, but above all, it is a stimulator of self-regulation and self-healing of the body.

According to research by a molecular biologist and director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, prof. dr. K. Pavelic from the University of Zagreb and his research group, have a new, nanotechnology method of grinding zeolite cells ("tribomechanical" method - TMAZ) - with incredible results in the following areas:

Heavy Metal Poisoning

Toxins found in the body, especially in intestines are bound and excreted, also those accumulated in small depressions and branches of the intestines. For example lead, cadmium, and mercury, as well as radioactive substances, preservatives, dyes or residues of toxic drugs.

Candida Fungi

Candida yeast, as all Candida Albicans fungi are referred to, has already become an epidemic. Not only are their waste products harmful to millions of people, but their nesting sites are also dangerous:

  1. Skin: armpits, groin, scalp, rectum, mouth

  2. Digestive system: in the mouth (thrush), in periodontal pockets, in dentures, in the throat, especially in the tonsils, in the oesophagus, in the small intestine

  3. Respiratory system: nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses

  4. Genitals: in the vagina and urethra in women; from the prostate to end of the urethra in men.

Digestive Tract

Proper gastrointestinal flora is the key to an undisturbed immune system. Although drug therapies bring relief, often their side effect is slow damage to internal organs. The digestive tract is particularly vulnerable here, as are the kidneys and bladder as excretory organs. Zeolite, thanks to its molecular structure, binds impurities of the digestive system, drug residues and pathogenic germs and removes them from the body. It normalizes and regulates the bacterial flora of the intestines, and thus, stabilizes the functioning of the immune system. The defence readiness of the whole organism and its self-healing capacity is activated and pathogen colonization is made effectively inhibited.

Acidification of the Body

Protons, acid generators, can penetrate into all cells in the body and hinder or even prevent a number of important metabolic reactions. Certain proteins and enzymes require a certain (high) pH level to function optimally. The so-called human "buffer system" strives with all its might to lower the pH level, but with the constant acidification of the system, it is unable to achieve this. Hidden acidosis, the state of acidification of the human body, poses the risk of developing chronic diseases that must not be underestimated. Not only do incorrect eating habits increase the level of acidification of the body - disturbed mental and intellectual attitudes also have a bad impact. It is not without reason that when someone has a grudge against someone, it is said that there are "acids" between these people. This means that when someone feels real anger, it's not just in the spirit, but in a sense in all the cells of their body. Zeolite counteracts hidden acidosis in a very simple way: it binds acidifying protons (in a purely physical way) at the source, i.e. in the intestines, thus preventing acidification of the body. In this way, it neutralizes even the most "acidic" cancer cells.

Infectious Diseases

A highly adaptive and changeable virus can hide in the cells of the body and no medicine, not even antibiotics, can fight it. The best antiviral defence is our own immune system. According to this principle, thanks to zeolite, we can neutralize harmful substances and parasites by constantly strengthening our immune system, so that it is getting stronger from week to week. Thanks to this, the body's defence cells will cope better and better. In this way, the body's defence system will be ready to fight any viral infection, no matter what it's called! In addition - and this applies to all symptoms of the disease according to prof. dr. Linus Pauling, you should take large doses of vitamin C every day.

For symptoms of anaemia and general fatigue

Women and children with iron deficiency may notice an increase in the number of red blood cells and haemoglobin concentration in a short time (3-4 weeks) while consuming zeolite. This volcanic mineral is a source of iron in the ion exchange process, and its absorption increases the bioavailability of this element in the cell.

Let me stop at the moment as there is much more information to follow and I will write about it in Part II. The very important procedure is to drink enough water while consuming Zeolite

( 2 - 3 L daily) and find the best quality of this product. Zeolite must be very fine in its consistency so it works properly. Its function is primarily not only cleansing but also introducing valuable minerals and elements into the body. At the same time, consuming Zeolite is the best way to prepare the body for the absorption of other supplements.

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