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How to support your body during sport

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Would you like to keep your body in perfect shape? Would you like to regenerate well after training? Are you searching for the perfect food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and antioxidants? Then Barley and Chlorella will be perfect for you.

Green Food increases efficiency, accelerates regeneration, supports resilience and stimulates to build of muscle mass. It also improves the healing of inflammations associated with practising sports.

That is why Barley and Chlorella are consumed by many professional and recreational athletes.

Barley and Chlorella contain a whole spectrum of nutrients and biologically active substances. A large amount of antioxidants protects tissues that are exposed to free radicals. The minerals contained in Green Food are important to replenish the stores depleted by sweating, as well as for the good metabolism of sugars, which serve as a source of rapid energy for athletes. Essential amino acids are used in building mass.

Unlike regular sports nutrition supplements, they are alkaline, help break down lactic acid in tired muscles and maintain the body's pH balance. Barley is usually used as an ionized drink and provides energy to support exercise. Chlorella is great for regeneration after loading.

Green Food for Athletes - what scientific research tells us

Chlorella increases aerobic endurance in athletes. More oxygen reaches the working muscles and VO2 max increases - the amount of oxygen that the muscle can use during exercise (VO2 max.).

Consuming Chlorella accelerates recovery. Athletes experience less fatigue between workouts, and their body removes oxidative stress more quickly after exercise.

Consuming Chlorella accelerates recovery

Athletes who consume Chlorella have better immunity. Chlorella increases the production of antibodies that are important in fighting infection. At the same time, it limits the usual decline in the level of antibodies with high physical exertion.

Chlorella and Barley contain all essential amino acids, including BCAA amino acids, which are very important for the performance and regeneration of athletes. Chlorella has a protein content of 60% by volume of dry matter.

Barley contains a large amount of valuable, biologically active substances. In tired muscles, their strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects will pay off.

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