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1x Ceramic bowl - GW


Stoneware box designed for storing Chlorella tablets. This is a beautiful designer accessory that keeps your Chlorella tablets fresh. Fits a full 110g bag of Chlorella.


  • Please schedule a consultation call with me! During our call, we'll delve into the intricacies of how to help you make the most of the GW products tailored to your unique needs. 

    What you’ll learn in this call:

    • Personalized Guidance: Recommendations on how to incorporate the product into your routine effectively.

    • Dosage Determination: I'll work with you to find the right dosage for optimal results without overwhelming detox effects.

    • Usage Techniques: I'll offer guidance on how to consume this product based on your preferences and lifestyle.

    You'll have the knowledge and support to unlock the full potential of Green Ways products for better health. Schedule your appointment and let's start your journey to vitality!

  • As a certified naturopath, I am dedicated to holistic health. I recommend integrating my beloved healthy products into your diet. Having personally consumed these superfoods for over a decade, I can attest to their significant positive effects on health and well-being. With my profound knowledge of natural remedies, I believe that integrating these nutrient-rich ingredients into our daily diets is crucial for achieving optimal health.

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