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1x Bio Chlorella Powder 350g

1x Free Video Consultation (30min)


🌿Product description

Naturally grown, 100% chlorella pyrenoidosa of the highest quality and purity in tablet form


Discover the pinnacle of purity and potency with the Green Ways Chlorella tablets, cultivated naturally. Sourced exclusively from 100% Chlorella pyrenoidosa, the tablets boast unrivaled quality and integrity.


🌿Experience Extensive Benefits

The proprietary method ensures gentle disintegration of chlorella cells, facilitating maximum absorption of vital nutrients, with up to 80% bioavailability. By preserving cellular content, GW chlorella maintains the essence of chlorella's health-giving properties.


🌿The Freshest Harvest

With multiple harvests conducted throughout the year and continuous year-round production, GW’s chlorella stands as the freshest available on the market, ensuring optimal potency and efficacy.


🔬World-Class Quality Assurance

From meticulously selected locations to rigorously controlled organic farming practices. GWs dedication to quality is evident.


Green Ways Chlorella is:

  • certified organic

  • Vegan-friendly

  • non-GMO

  • gluten-free 


Each batch undergoes rigorous testing in state-accredited laboratories, adhering to the principle of Double Control.


🔬Nutrient-Rich Benefits

GW chlorella is packed with essential nutrients:

  • including high levels of protein

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin B12

  • CGF

  • Sporopollenin

  • and a host of other phytonutrients promoting overall health and vitality


🌿Pure and Free from Additives

Rest assured, GW chlorella is free from fillers, binders, preservatives, or any other additives. The Chlorella is 100% pure, delivering unparalleled quality and authenticity.


🌿Trusted and Proven

Backed by extensive research and studies, Green Ways Chlorella is a testament to the dedication to green foods. Presented at international conferences and published in esteemed scientific journals, our findings underscore the efficacy and reliability of Green Ways Chlorella.

BIO CHLORELLA Powder 350g | Green Ways

  • Discover the powerful benefits of Green Ways Chlorella

    • Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our chlorella tablets nourish your body, leaving you feeling satisfied and revitalized.

    • Gentle Detox: Support your body's natural detox processes with our chlorella, promoting internal cleansing and balance.

    • Holistic Renewal: Experience rejuvenation at every level with Green Ways Chlorella, harmonizing your body and mind.

    Elevate Your Wellness with Green Ways Chlorella.

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