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100% organic Young Barley powder


1x Bio Young Barley powder - 300g
1x Free Video Consultation with a Green Ways specialist


🌿Green Ways Barley: Your Daily Dose of Vitality
Crafted from the pressed and dried fresh juice of young barley leaves, the 100% green powder delivers unparalleled nutrition straight to your body.


- Gluten-free
- Non-GMO
- 100% vegan 
- Antioxidant-rich
- Certified Facility
- Sugar-free


🌿Experience the Freshest Barley
With multiple harvests conducted throughout the year, we boast the freshest barley on the market, ensuring peak freshness and potency in every serving.


🌿Uncompromising Quality
Handpicked from carefully selected locations and cultivated through strictly controlled organic practices, Green Ways Barley is:
- Organic
- Raw
- Enzymatically active
- Suitable for vegans
- Non-GMO
- Gluten-free

Each batch undergoes rigorous testing in state-accredited laboratories to uphold our commitment to quality and purity.


🌿Nature's Bounty in Every Scoop
Loaded with active biological substances including: 
- Antioxidants
- Flavonoids
- Enzymes
- Chlorophyll
- Vitamins
- Minerals
and other phytonutrients


🔬Pure and Additive-Free

Free from:
- Fillers
- Binders
- Preservatives
or any other additives


Green Ways Barley is 100% pure barley, delivering nature's goodness in its most authentic form.



Use a shaker
I recommend using a shaker to prepare the drink (non-metal!)


Recommended Dosage
For adults, we suggest a daily intake of 5-10 grams (equivalent to one to two tablespoons) of Barley. Mix 0.5 litres of cool or lukewarm still water with 5 grams of Barley (approximately 100 ml of water per 1 gram) for a more balanced taste. Always consume freshly prepared Barley. You may increase the dosage during periods of increased activity (such as sports or high-stress levels). To minimize strong detoxification effects, we advise gradually increasing Barley portions over time. DO NOT USE SPARKLING OR HOT WATER!


Notice the subtle variations in each pack of Green Ways Barley? 
That's because our barley is grown at different times of the year, influenced by factors such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, and location. These fluctuations result in changes in taste, aroma, and appearance. Sometimes it's sweet, other times refreshing with a hint of bitterness. You might catch scents of freshly cut grass or an untouched meadow. While each pack contains the same weight (300 grams), it may happen to have more or less barley due to these natural variations. Embracing these differences showcases that Green Ways Barley is a truly natural product.


Schedule a call with me! During our call, we'll delve into clarity on how to help you make the most of the GW Barley product tailored to your unique needs. 


What you’ll learn in this call:
Personalized Guidance: Recommendations on how to incorporate Barley into your routine effectively.
Dosage Determination: I'll work with you to find the right dosage for optimal results without overwhelming detox effects.

Usage Techniques:

I'll offer guidance on how to consume Barely based on your preferences and lifestyle. You'll have the knowledge and support to unlock the full potential of Barley for better health. Schedule your appointment and let's start your journey to vitality!

BIO YOUNG BARLEY Powder 300g | Green Ways

  • Discover the Refreshing Benefits of Green Ways Barley

    • Nutrient-Rich: Our raw barley juice provides essential nutrients, filling you with satisfaction and vitality.

    • Gentle Detox: Support your body's natural cleansing processes with Green Ways Barley, promoting gentle detoxification.

    • Holistic Regeneration: Experience rejuvenation at every level with Green Ways Barley, harmonizing your body and mind.

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