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1x Gentle Face Cleanser - 150g
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Green Ways gentle facial cleansing gel that provides effective care for your skin.


🌿TILICINE® is a soothing ingredient that comes from the active buds of the Tilia tomentosa linden tree, harvested sustainably by hand in France. Thanks to this ingredient, the biochemical properties of these valuable buds are preserved until the moment of extraction.


🌿Chlorella is added cold to preserve all the active ingredients and supplies the skin with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


🌿Barley water from the stalks of young barley provides deep hydration and supplies the skin with antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients.


🌿Tazman pepper works against irritation. With this gentle cleansing gel for the face, you will not only get a thorough cleaning, but also soothe and protect your skin.


🌿The most important international certificate Repairing Night Cream has the most important international certificate issued for natural cosmetics - Cosmos Organic. Certification regulates all aspects of production, including the origin of raw materials, their processing, storage, product packaging and the manufacturer's attitude towards the environment.


🌿Suitable for all skin types Vegan.


Contains only pure, natural (99%) and natural ingredients (1%)


🌿Practical solution
The airless system guarantees that every dose of cream you apply to your skin will be hygienically clean.

Pack of 150 grams. When applied every morning, it lasts for 60–120 days.



52,00 CHFCena
  • Discover the powerful benefits of Bio Gentle Face Cleanser

    Gentle Face Cleanser GW has been designed to provide the skin with effective revitalization and a youthful appearance. This innovative cleanser uses truly exclusive ingredients. As a result, it strengthens your skin.

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