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Our Immune system... and Green Food

Updated: Apr 5

Let me tell you a bit in simple words about our intestines and immune system.

The mucosa that lines the inside of our intestine is the greatest barrier between the outside world and the inside of our body. Every day it is exposed not only to the nutrients necessary for our life but also to a huge amount of foreign, often potentially dangerous for our system, particles. That is why here is located the most extensive immune tissue and are positioned about 70% of cells of our immune system. Our intestine (in terms of immune activity) is responsible for the resistance of all our mucous membranes, i.e. vaginal, throat, or middle ear infections.

Our immune system has been educated, trained, and stimulated by gut microbes, bacterias, our good bacterias from the day we are born till the day when we die.

Our bacterial compartments in the gut are responsible for the proper functioning of every cell, every system, and every tissue in our body. There is no such surface in our body that it would not be dependent on our intestines.

That is why it is so important to consume a huge amount of plant-based products. And we are talking about 25 to 30 different kinds of vegetables for one week. Obviously, nowadays vegetables and fruits do not contain lots of vitamins as they used to in the past. Therefore chlorella pyrenoidosa and young barley are a perfect addition to all of the above. We call them simply 'Green Food'. Improving immunity is one of the fastest and most common effects that we can observe in ourselves after adding amazing chlorella and barley to our menu.

How does this "immune boost" work in practice? In the case of viral and bacterial diseases with consuming chlorella and barley, we simply get sick much less often than before. People who have often been ill so far experience this change most clearly, they can be young, old, and middle-aged, the age may vary.

Another effect is a significantly shorter course of the disease and recovery. However, when we sometimes fail to avoid infections, the body copes with them much better. 'Green Food' has a major impact also on autoimmune diseases. In the case of these diseases, barley and chlorella do not stimulate the pathological (autoimmune) reaction of the elements of the immune system, on the contrary, they help the body to suppress and normalize it. 'Green Food' works on immunity like the so-called adaptogen. It supports and stimulates it where it is needed, and calms it down when it attacks the tissues of the human body for various reasons.

How is it that 'Green Food' helps our immunity so much?

There is a very easy way to define it. A well-cleansed and nourished organism simply functions better. This applies to all organs and processes in the body, including immunity. Cells that are influenced by external factors, especially nutrition and lifestyle, also provide immunity. Just as it happens with other cells in our body. On a deeper examination of this issue, we will of course be able to describe more of the levels at which barley and chlorella contribute to supporting a strong and healthy immunity. Many processes remain hidden from us from a scientific point of view. Some, however, we can already describe and understand well.

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Dr. Iva Dvorakova

Oskar Kaczmarek

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