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Green Food and Detoxification

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Our body is faced with the pressure of unwelcome substances from the external environment and harmful products that we are consuming, every day, and at any time of the year. When heavy metals enter our body, it is very difficult to get rid of them and they can cause various undesirable symptoms such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and nervous system diseases.

Heavy metals are entering our bodies from the air and water, cosmetics, household chemicals, medicines, vaccines, and dental fillings.

How to remove them naturally from our bodies? The two primary ingredients that can be used to detoxify our body are Chlorella Pyrenoidosa and Young Barley Grass. Both of them support detoxification on many levels, above all they nourish and thus support the activity and regeneration of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic and digestive systems, skin, and lungs, which are crucial for the ongoing cleansing of the body. There is a rule that only a well-nourished cell can fulfil its function well.

The other very important remedy used for detoxification is coriander but I will write more about it in a separate chapter.

Young Barley and Chlorella during cleansing treatments bring us two absolutely fundamental benefits. Cleansing normally releases accumulated stress into the bloodstream. This is a difficult situation for the body, so it wants to get rid of the burden. At this point, Green Food helps to effectively remove harmful substances from the body and reduces the risk of their further deposition in organs. The second benefit is that it contains many nutrients, including essential substances. Therefore, Green Food is a good basis for nourishing the body, even with a very restricted diet or radical detoxification treatment.

If you choose to fast, detoxify, and drastically change your diet, do it very carefully. It's good to know that these methods aren't good for everyone and it is crucial to discuss the procedures individually with your Dietician.

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is a sweetwater alga that contains high amounts of vitamin B12. In terms of chlorophyll content, no green plant can match it. It improves immunity and also has antibacterial and antiviral properties. This microscopic organism is packed with remarkable biological energy. Chlorella's cell wall contains the unique substance sporopollenin. Heavy metals and toxic substances are irreversibly bound by them and excreted outside.

Young Barley itself has detoxifying properties, complementing the action of Chlorella in this respect, increasing the overall detoxification effect of Green Food. Extract from Barley leaves helps to metabolize some insecticides and chemical food additives and has the ability to break down dangerous organophosphate pesticides. Just like Chlorella, it contains chlorophyll, which causes detoxification processes in cells and is involved in the removal of chemicals. Young Barley is extremely rich in flavonoids, including saponarin, lutonarin, and isovitexin glycoside. Flavonoids, along with other substances, help protect cells from oxidative stress and damage by foreign chemicals.

In summary, when we talk about the role of Chlorella and Young Barley Grass in the detoxification process, it is not just about one substance or even several specific substances contained in these foods. We are dealing here with the synergistic effect of many compounds that together participate in detoxification. Green Food widely supports the detoxification organs and related processes in the body, and thus gently and effectively supports the detoxification capacity of the body itself.

If you would like to find out more about these two amazing products please do not hesitate to contact me: at


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