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Chlorophyll - the amazing prodigy!

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Chlorophyll is a pigment found in plants that gives them a green colour. It also helps plants create their own food through the process of photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll is "the main component of green bodies of plants, enabling the conversion of sunlight into chemical energy". "Healing with Whole Foods" Paul Pitchford

Internal cleansing with chlorophyll is a matter of health, cosmetics and aesthetics.

It is a fascinating substance with many documented health effects. Barley and Chlorella are the most significant nutritional sources of chlorophyll on Earth. We can use their positive influence not only as a part of an internal application but also as an external one.

For example, chlorophyll content in Chlorella is one of the highest in any food. Chlorella is useful for many conditions which benefit from chlorophyll purification, renewal, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Chlorophyll is bacteriostatic. It limits the multiplication of bacteria, especially of anaerobic species. All this makes it suitable for use also in the case of chronic and deep wounds, where bacterias develop.


Green plants have been used to heal wounds since ancient times. Chlorophyll promotes tissue granulation and epithelization (epithelialization), reduces itching, pain, and suppuration, and reduces the unpleasant odour of chronic wounds. It works well for external injuries as well as internal wounds or inflammations, such as gingivitis, gastritis, or intestinal inflammation.


Chlorophyll captures carcinogens from the gut, suppresses different types of chemical reactions to cancer-causing disease, and makes it difficult for cancer cells to multiply. Barley and Chlorella, together with other substances contained in them, contribute to the prevention of different cancers and help the body treat them.


The deodorizing effect of chlorophyll was discovered in the 1940s. Chlorophyll is effective in helping with bad breath and periodontitis, mostly in patients with a stoma or in excessive sweating, and the associated unpleasant odour. The deodorizing effect has been documented for external application and internal use.


Chlorophyll protects healthy cells from the influence of radiation and participates in the repair of damaged DNA. The protective effect of chlorophyll and other similarly acting substances in Green Food, however, did not occur in relation to cancer cells. In the case of cancer cells, we observe support in their destruction.

My diet was always full of healthy vegetables although since I am using chlorella and barley I have noticed a magnificent change in my digestion, energy levels, the quality of my skin, and improvement in my underactive thyroid disease ( Hypothyroidism). I use it also externally as an application straight on open cuts or wounds. It does speed up the process of healing. However, it is essential to mention that the reaction of barley powder on the open wound could be much more painful than chlorella. The reason is that in barley there are lots of living enzymes that make it more lively and active during the healing process. But either way, I prefer to use this natural solution over anything else. It often reminds me of my childhood when my grandmother's medicine cabinet was full of herbs and natural ingredients. :)

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